Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yeast Infection & cloth diapers

*I'm wanting to share a new problem & solution that we have been having with our darling daughter. She developed a rash on her bottom & lower girl parts that was very concerning to me.
At first it looked a little like a burn but began to blister with very tiny bumps, was red & shiny in places & turned white on some of the edges of parts of the rash. K was very cranky & waking up in the night crying badly. She seemed miserable!
Being a nurse, I was very alarmed & thought I had done something to cause this. After all cloth diapering is different than disposable but it's certainly better. Right?

Of course cloth diapering is best!!! After much research, looking online & thru my nursing books, I discovered it was a yeast infection. It was a result of yeast in her stool & nothing I did wrong. I began by trying to use diaper rash creams before I knew what it was. BAD IDEA! It only fed the problem. The "rash" grew in size, spread & developed "lesion like" areas.
Whether she used cloth or disposable diapers, she would have likely had the problem. In fact, if she was using disposable it would have been much worse.

Once I knew for sure that it was a yeast infection, I switched to gentian violet. (A God send!) I used it faithfully for about 2 weeks along with a homemade wipe solution & cloth wipes. Granted some of my prefolds & cloth wipes are dyed with purple in places, but a small price to pay for a home remedy that REALLY works.

Trying to get rid of a yeast infection? Remember: when trying to treat yeast to be consistent, clean the area fully & don't give up. Stick to changing diapers every two hours, faithfully. Apply the gentian violet at least 2-3 times daily for as long as symptoms remain present. Try not to use disposable wipes as they can "help" the yeast grow. The wipe solution I made help make the yeast environment less favorable to growth.

The same treatment can be used if you have yeast on your skin, vagina, rectum, breasts, under breasts or on nipples. Many people have skin folds & along with heat, will develop a red rash in the folds. This is very often yeast as well. Keep the area dry. Do not use synthetic fibers on skin, only cotton. Keep area clean. If using gentian violet, note that it is VERY staining to bathtubs, counters, clothes & towels. It will however, work wonders in getting rid of the problem.

Homemade Wipes Solution for Yeast Infection
(can be used for any yeast on skin)

3.5 cups of distilled water (boil water & let it cool, if no distilled)
2 Tablespoons of gentle baby wash
2 Tablespoons of Vinegar (apple cider or white)
2 or 3 drops of tea tree oil

Shake & store in container. Fill bottle with solution, i.e. a peri bottle. Squirt onto individual wipes as needed.

I do not moisten all of the wipes at once. It causes excess waste of solution. Sometimes, I need more solution to clean poo off & this allows me to dispense exactly what I need, when I need it. I continue to use this solution & am very pleased with the results as well as the frugality of it.

K is doing much better now & only has minor irritation at times. No more waking up screaming or crying when I change her diaper! ;)

*Always consult your physician, naturopath, chiropractor or practicing professional, if in doubt. This blog is only based on my personal experience as a human, mother & nurse.


Jodi said...

Do you need to do anything special to "treat" the diapers so that yeast doesn't carry right back to baby once the rash is cleared up?
I've heard I should boil them, or use (gasp) bleach, or soak them in vinegar... not sure what to do.

AikoArt said...

Yeast should die in hot water & during the ample drying time. Ensure they are completely dry!

If hot water should fail, you could certainly add 1-2 cups of vinegar. Let them soak for about 20 minutes or more, before washing cycle.

Another alternative, should you have the time, iron your diapers. Don't use such a high heat that will melt PUL or any other material. If you have prefolds, you won't have a problem.

Of course, the "ever feared" bleach would do the job but I would ONLY do this after all other methods were exhausted.
I would even try to change my child's diet before bleaching.
Hope this helps!

Jodi said...

Yes, that does help! Thanks big bunches!!!! :)

Herina said...

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Eddy Pierre said...

My baby boy had an infant male yeast infection and I didn't know anything about the disease at the time but changing the diapers regularly a long with medication cleared it right up.

zercath said...
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Liz said...

Of course some of the prefolds and cloth towels are stained purple in some places, but a small price to pay for a home remedy that really works. As for it's own impotence sildenafil citrate.