Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Bubbles.....simple, yet beautiful. My mother says, "Bubbles bring people together!"
I laugh but there's something to that.

I recently purchased some lovely bubbles for a dollar at Wal-mart. They are the ones hanging up in the package with the big wand. The come in different colors: pink, yellow, orange, green, blue.
At first, I was blowing bubbles with my nephew for fun at a garage sale. Then, I noticed that the new package of bubbles was so colorful & the bubbles seemed to have a sort of "thickness" to them. I decided to go on a bubble quest to find the very best bubbles. After purchasing various packages, only one had the same quality. The only other one was the lovely 32oz dollar general brand that is $1. They are suppose to be scented with cotton candy, sour apple & some other flavor, I can't remember. (Truthfully, they stink to me but they are indeed the quality I was searching.)

I began by blowing bubbles while I had some down time outside of my parents studio. The studio is on a busy through fare & people were braking to see the "bubble show." I couldn't believe it. They were actually slowing down because of the bubbles.

I decided to take my bubble blowing to another level; the drive thru. There we sat, my mother, my daughter & I, waiting for our drinks at happy hour at Dairy Queen. A long line of fellow happy hour visitors sat in their cars as well. I rolled down my window & began to blow. Suddenly, I noticed the children in the cars ahead of ours, had taken off the seat belts & were pressing their faces against the glass to watch. Then the windows were rolled down & the children were hanging out to get a peek. The lady in the Honda in front of us, gave me the two thumbs up! Such a simple thing, blowing bubbles. I felt delighted that I could make people happy & the time go by for just a few minutes.

So go out & get some bubbles. Some say, "take time to smell the roses."
I say, "take time to blow some bubbles." :)