Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ready, Set, Here we go.....

So I am working on several projects all at once. I find that there is no real balance of things sometimes. I am delighted that I have a show coming up this Saturday at the Burleson High School from 9am to 4pm. My fingers have been dancing on the keyboard all day, getting my Etsy shop spruced up with new products.
The lighting was just right today for product photos.
I accomplished all I had set out to do on Etsy today. It's not quite midnight yet.

My project for tomorrow will be to complete some more baby leg warmers aka babylegs. I don't even sew that often & they turned out great. You can find a great tutorial on flickr:
Step by step tutorial & much cheaper than the likes of Baby Legs. I am thrilled, as my little one is so tall, her pants are all too short. These little jewels make diaper changes easy & her legs stay warm all day. Target had the best selection of knee high adult socks. Currently this week, 3 pair for $5.99 vs. the brand name costing at least $11.99 a pair.

Pictures to follow soon

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Beginning of a New Day

It's really early in the morning or some would say really late at night.....2:07am. My family is sleeping as I begin the ever so popular Blogging episode/chapter of my life. My birthday is coming up this Friday & I feel this is a great way to kick things off for me.

I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, confidant & friend to so many. My stay at home adventure began in August & I am loving every minute of it. I must say time is flying & I feel like I lose my grip at times. I realize the house will never be the same as it was, don't be in a hurry with a baby, talk to my Mama every chance I get & love my husband with every ounce of my being. He is my Rock & supports us with all of his heart.

My blessings are many. My tribulations, few. I reflect on what surrounds me & decide that I can't really say, I want for much. I do however look forward to my favorite restaurant, Texas de Brazil. Thanks to the lovely email I received, two of us can eat for the price of one. That excites me.

Thru my blog, I visualize: helping others where I can, offering tips/advice/thoughts, challenging the every day to a little creativity, providing Optimism & making new friends to add to the extraordinary amount I am blessed to have.

So thus, I shall devote what time I have to Blogging when I can. In the mean time, please visit & support my little Etsy shop at

Love to you All,