Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blog Birthday & the Swine Flu!

Today is my one year blog birthday! I truly can't believe that one year has zoomed right by.
I'm blessed beyond words, loving being a Mama, concerned about finances with my husband's job loss & inspired to create more goodies for my Etsy shop.

This week:
I'm off this week from keeping my great nephew. He & our niece have been struck with the swine flu, H1N1!!! She is a kindergarten teacher with sickly students. So she went to the doctor on Monday once she started running a high fever. The swine flu the test came back inconclusive. They gave her Tamiflu & sent her home.

She's a breastfeeding mama & was very concerned that if she were to take the Tamiflu, she would NOT be able to breastfeed. I suggested to her that she not take it if she was concerned. My thought was that she was already exposed and sick. It may only reduce symptoms a little. So she decided not to take it & keep breastfeeding her son.

Well, "C" started to run fever as well. In fact, 103.7 degrees of fever. She was concerned that he had what she had, so off to the pediatrician. There they confirmed it was the swine flu. Happy little lark, he didn't seem to be feeling all that bad. They told her that because she keep breastfeeding; he did not have to be hospitalized for dehydration, his immune system was stronger & he was much healthier! I was thrilled to hear that breastfeeding saved the day!

"C" still has a fever but my niece is already getting better. I'm hoping that they both recover soon & life returns to normal for them. Her husband has a heart condition, so they have to be extra careful that he doesn't get any flu.

We are praying that we do not catch this yucky virus!
Just for those who are deathly worried about getting the swine flu;
Remember: The BEST prevention is HANDWASHING!!!
Sing"Happy Birthday" while you wash, to ensure that you washed long enough. The recommended time is 15 seconds to kill germs.

I'm off to post goodies to my shop........Be healthy, happy & hopeful!

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