Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A look into my studio.....

I have finally organized everything with anticipation of an up & coming very large order of beads. I'm thrilled since I have been waiting years to have enough space to accommodate my addiction.
Thought I would share with you my new creation space. Well, it's not entirely new, just new to it's current home. I've had the two on the left for several years. I just recently added the two on the right & wish I could add 5 more :o)
This is my working stock of beads & all of the extra inventory is stored in a cabinet or in file boxes. (Sorry, I didn't have time to take more artistic pictures since my little one is sick today. )

This is my bead storage organization system:

I love how these great organizers keep the dust off of the beads yet, I can see everything I have. These organizers are for bead storage in your studio & would not be appropriate for travel. They do however come with little dividers for each drawer. You can also order more dividers, if you need them. I would recommend, that if you have Swarovski, precious, or other art beads, to line each drawer with felt.

Stay tuned as I plan to open another Etsy shop to sell beads. I'm excited to share great inventory with others. There are times that I have a hard time locating a particular type of bead. So once I find what I've been searching for, I tend to buy all that I can. This leads to an abundance of fabulous beads!

Happy Beading!