Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A look into my studio.....

I have finally organized everything with anticipation of an up & coming very large order of beads. I'm thrilled since I have been waiting years to have enough space to accommodate my addiction.
Thought I would share with you my new creation space. Well, it's not entirely new, just new to it's current home. I've had the two on the left for several years. I just recently added the two on the right & wish I could add 5 more :o)
This is my working stock of beads & all of the extra inventory is stored in a cabinet or in file boxes. (Sorry, I didn't have time to take more artistic pictures since my little one is sick today. )

This is my bead storage organization system:

I love how these great organizers keep the dust off of the beads yet, I can see everything I have. These organizers are for bead storage in your studio & would not be appropriate for travel. They do however come with little dividers for each drawer. You can also order more dividers, if you need them. I would recommend, that if you have Swarovski, precious, or other art beads, to line each drawer with felt.

Stay tuned as I plan to open another Etsy shop to sell beads. I'm excited to share great inventory with others. There are times that I have a hard time locating a particular type of bead. So once I find what I've been searching for, I tend to buy all that I can. This leads to an abundance of fabulous beads!

Happy Beading!


Rachel said...

Looks good! Where did you find your storage containers? Can you not sell beads in your current etsy shop? I hope Miss K feels better soon.

AikoArt said...

I got the red one years ago at Target. They no longer carry them. The two middle ones were purchased at either home depot or lowe's. The one on the far right was bought at harbor freight. I'm not as crazy about the hf one though.
I don't want to sell beads in my current shop since it will seem to take over my art in large quantity. I don't want my art to compete for "face" time.

{meant to be} MAMA said...

This is astonishing! Thank you for doing what you do!