Friday, January 23, 2009

The Adventure of Cloth Diapering Begins

Cloth Diapering. Yes, I finally started it on January 16th. I am so excited as my friend, Rachel, has been offering so much information to help me along. I find myself shopping online for all sorts of items. Cloth diapering is not as bad as people perceive it to be. I get comments like, "ooohh, are you sure? Doesn't that involve dunking in the toliet?" I quickly & excitedly tell them, "no." Then I go on to tell them how wonderful it is, how easy it is & affordable.

I have found that I am disappointed with the lack of cloth diapering resources in our town of Waco, TX. There is no diaper service, no cloth diaper store, no one in the retail stores to ask & no cds in resale shops. I have simply found the gerber cloth diapers, however, no gerber covers.
Ironically, how does one expect to cloth diaper if they do not have a cover? I'm sure people would be turned off by cloth diapering if they thought the baby stays wet & gets everything wet & poopy without a cover.
I hope to see some better resources in the near future. Maybe with all the "green" talk, Waco will come up with something. The nearest cloth diapering locations are either in Austin or the Dallas/Fort Worth area. So for now, the wonderful world wide web shall meet my cd needs.

I have found since starting my cd adventure, that my darling Kinsley is better at alerting me when she is wet. After doing some research, this is common & often leads to earlier potty training. (I am so thankful to Rachel for making it easy for me to always ask questions & she offers info on everything she knows. She's so great!)

So here are some pictures of our first day to begin cloth diapering. The Mandarin wrap you see is a Wonder Wrap purchased from the terrific online store of
You will get all the help you need as I did when I place my order. I was impressed with the quality of products, the special attention Krisiti gave me & the speed of shipment.

Also, the cute legging you see are the ones I learned to make with a free online tutorial. Kinsley is much to long for the pant of her size. She tends to look like she has capris on when she should be wearing long pants. Since I don't sew much, so it took me a little longer to learn how to do it. However, now I am able to sew them with confidence & offer suggestions, advice & where to buy materials.

I'm off to bed. Breastfeeding fulltime, my husband is out of town & helping my mother with twin nephews, today is exhausting.
To all a good night!


Rachel said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying the CD adventure! Nacogdoches doesn't offer much in the way of cloth diapers, either. Hooray for the internet!

I recently bought the same cover in Blackberry and I'm thinking about ordering one or two more. I don't know if you've tried other covers, but all the other PUL covers I've tried (and I really like some of them) have fold-over elastic at the waist. The Wonderwrap has the elastic further down the waist (if that makes sense) and looks more comfortable.

Debbie said...

Do you have any easy recipies for actually making soap? I have been looking for directions to make detergent, thanks so much!!!

AikoArt said...

Sorry, I don't have an actual recipe for making bath soap. I do have the laundry soap recipe on my top post. Hope that helps.

AikoArt said...

Here's a website that one of my friends sent for things to make your own soap, add essential oils, etc.
It's a great site with lots of products & good prices.

Jennifer said...

I came across your blog as I was searching about cd. I'm in East Texas about 2 hours from Waco and am wondering what your suggestion is if I'm wanting to cloth diaper but can't afford to purchase those expensive all in one diapers. Is Gerber and pins best and just get a cover or what? Thanks for any input. My email is or you can comment my blog...whatever...any advice is appreciated.

*~*a.l.s*~* said...

yay! I started CD'ing on January 18th! I don't remember how I found your blog (Etsy, maybe?) but it is fun to read about another CDer. I feel like Cloth Diapering is contagious and soon everyone will be doing it :)

Thanks for the tips on the laundry detergent.